CVCYouth Leaders

What’s happening next in CVCYouth?



Living Truth

God’s Word is living thruth that pierces our hearts, teaches us and guides us. We seek to learn it, pray it, sing it, live it, and share it.

God Dependence

The largest obstacle to experiencing new life in Christ is ourselves. Because we are dependednt on God, our lives, our families, and our ministries are fueled by prayer.

Caring Community

We believe that spiritual friendships are vital for healthy spiritual development and maturity, so we are intentional about building small communities of people called LifeGroups.

Linked Generations

As we follow Christ, we grab the hand of someone who’s a generation above who will pour into the lives and we grab the hands of the generation below, pouring into them.

Equipped Leadership

We begin the process of developing leaders as early as we possibly can by noticing the God-given gifts in people, providing coaching and training, and giving them opportunities to lead.

Missional Living

We are people that see ourselves as God’s agents of restoration in the relationships and community around us, so we use our resourves to serve, bless and reach out to those who don’t know Christ.

Fruit of New Life


Beloved Child

We believe that our worth is not based on religious performance, but on the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ.


We learn how to take responsibility for our spiritual growth by developing Bible reading skills, prayer habits, and other sources of spiritul development.


As followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit works in us a deeper desire to serve instead of being served. We use our gifts to bless the church and serve the world around us.


We grow in the desire to be givers, not takers. Instead of feeding the consumer mentality, we develop an eternal perspective and invest our time, talent and treasure into things of eteral value.


We develop spiritual friendships with the intention of helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus and being accountable to others in our own spiritual journey.


We realize that God has commissioned us to go into all the world to share the love of Jesus. We build friendships with those who are far from God so that we can share Jesus with them and intentionally go to unreached peoples.