Friday afternoon, from 1-5:30, we will be hanging out on Lake Erie. Pastor Joe will have his boat out to take people tubing and cruising. We will meet at Edgewater Marina, 6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, Cleveland, OH 44102. If you can get off work, Pastor Joe would be glad to pull you around on the lake, float up the river, or just anchor up and enjoy the sun. First come – first served. Pastor Joe’s boat fits six additional people. Please let us know if you can make it!


Friday evening will be full of dinner, dancing, and other shenanigans aboard the Nautica Queen. CVCYouth is covering the tickets/dinner. If you’d like to partake in an adult beverage, that is on you. Attire for this event is business casual. If your spouse does not serve with CVCYouth, they are welcome to join us! (We cannot promise that we won’t attempt to recruit them before the night is over.)

6:30 – Arrival and Boarding at 1153 Main Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113.

7:30 – Set sail, eat dinner, and make as many references to this clip as possible.

10:30 – Return to dock and head home.


9:00AM – Arrival & Breakfast

9:30AM – A Call to Endurance (Pastor Dale)

10:45AM – Session 1 – Unashamed of the Word (Joe)

11:30AM – Session 1 Q&A

12:00PM – Lunch

1:00PM – Session 2 – Guilt, Shame & the Church

1:45PM – Session 2 Q&A

2:30PM – Session 3 – Safety & Shame

3:15PM – Session 3 Q&A

4:30PM – 1st Annual CVCYouth Golf Outing (mini golf, that is!)

6:00PM – Dinner

7:15PM – Session 4 – Recalibrate

9:00PM – Training Concludes


A Call to Endurance

By Pastor Dale

Pastor Dale joined us to share stories from his time as a teacher and in youth ministry. If you want to be encouraged to play the long game, be intentional, and be unashamed, listen to this session.


Biblical Fidelity in the Battle of the Hearts of Teenagers

“The Bible says some beautiful and wonderful things. It also says some hard things that can be difficult to hear. But we must grow in our confidence of the sufficiency of God’s Word. If WE are ashamed of it, we’ll teach our students to be ashamed of it as well. In 2 Timothy 1, Paul – while in prison, encourages Timothy not to be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.” This session will give practical tips for teaching the Bible to students unashamedly. 


The Role of Student Ministry in an Increasingly
Shame-Filled and Shameless Culture

Guilt and shame have played both helpful and dangerous roles in the lives of humans since the very first sin back in the garden. But as a culture, we’ve all but dismissed guilt and we’ve embraced shame as a way of live. In this session, we’ll explore how youth ministry helps address these two powerful emotions?  


Policies, Procedures, and Safety in CVCYouth

It’s not always fun, but it’s necessary if we are to guard our church, ourselves, and our students from unnecessary shame and guilt. How do we handle emergencies? What communication is appropriate? How do we guard from abuse? We’ll go over it all in this vital session!